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GrowthLine Marketing

More Leads. Better Leads. More New Customers.

It’s what every business needs: more opportunities to grow and prosper by connecting with prospective customers and make the deal. But reaching those prospects has become an increasingly complex challenge in the digital age. Until now.

GrowthLine Marketing, the digital division of Studio Talent Group, Inc., can turn technology from an obstacle into an implementation for growth by helping you leverage the latest digital tools to develop and execute effective marketing campaigns. Our results-driven strategies employ the right tools for your needs – social media, website, search engine marketing, content development, lead generation. All in a collaborative and coordinated campaign to help increase your revenues and profits.

Our New Customer Acquisition programs use multiple channels to drive better quality leads and referrals, set more appointments, close more sales and increase per-customer revenue. We’re looking for clients who are not satisfied with single-digit year-over-year growth… Our clients count on GrowthLine to drive huge gains in revenue and profits.

We Know How to Grow Your Business

We’ve experienced proven success with clients in a wide range of industries, particularly those that rely on a steady stream of quality leads to sustain growth. Our digital marketing campaigns have driven exceptionally robust new customer acquisition for companies in the following businesses:

  •       Home Services
  •       Home Improvement & Remodeling
  •       Health & Medical
  •       Real Estate
  •       Banking & Finance
  •       Consumer Goods & eCommerce

Get a Running Start on More Profits!

Tired of paying marketing consultants and digital “gurus” for the same tired ideas, then waiting for a year for something to happen? GrowthLine will help you hit the ground running with a campaign that will start to show impressive results in 90 days. Get ready to revise your revenue projections with our proven digital marketing strategies and dynamic “on the ground” tactics.

Who Are We to Make Such Bold Claims?

The world has gone digital. In truth, Google and Facebook have leveled the playing field for advertising and marketing. The technology used by giant corporations is readily available to all businesses. The challenge faced by smaller businesses is finding people who understand how to effectively use the digital tools to create an impact on the local market.

That’s where we come in…

We are ready to put our team’s demonstrated expertise and deep experience in all phases of digital marketing and customer acquisition to work in building a powerful and effective campaign for you. We’ve worked with some of America’s top companies. Now we’re eager to transfer our specialized knowledge and digital savvy to your business by applying proven direct response principles to the digital marketing arena to produce profitable, measurable and scalable results.

We Won’t Lock You Up

Unlike many marketing agencies, we do not require long-term contracts. We are happy to earn your business. Once you see the results you’ll achieve with GrowthLine’s assistance we think you’ll keep us around!

We're All Yours

If you are worried about your competition gaining an edge through our proven digital marketing techniques, rest assured. We offer category exclusivity in regional markets. You’ll be the only one getting our full attention and marketing support. (Unless your competitor calls us first!)

Try Us On For Size

Give us your toughest marketing challenge and let us show you how we can overcome it by applying proven digital marketing techniques. Call today to start the conversation.

Formulating the Right Combination

There’s no magic bullet. While digital marketing can create amazing opportunities for businesses of all sizes, no single app or technology can do it all. Success lies in strategically combining the right message with the most effective channels of communication to produce the desired reaction from your prospective customers. That’s our strong point.

Because the GrowthLine team understands all aspects of the digital marketing universe so well, we have the unique ability to blend the perfect mix of available tools to fit your singular needs. After making in-depth assessment of your business plan, growth projections, sales capacity and market conditions, we’ll create a strategic plan that combines those technologies and platforms that offer the greatest chance of success.

The nice thing for you? We have the depth and scope of service to synchronize and manage multiple channels for the maximum effect. All in a single coordinated plan that delivers full accountability and measurable results.